At the very heart of the program, WCSIT's workers’ compensation coverage is competitively priced, and includes $2,000,000 coverage for employer’s liability, a higher limit than that provided by WCSIT's competition.

  • Over $21 million in payments back to members
  • Approximately $200 million in claims paid
  • Approximately $20 million in current assets

WCSIT was organized February 1, 1982, under the Illinois statute that permits public entities to organize risk sharing pools. Formed and sponsored by the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB), WCSIT started with 62 Illinois school district members in its first year. In 1985, The Sandner Group - Insurance Program Managers became the plan administrator. Under its guidance, WCSIT has grown to become the largest and most successful self-insurance pool for school districts’ workers’ compensation in the state of Illinois.

In this competitive market, school districts need to carefully choose their workers’ compensation insurance provider. With its competitive pricing, financial stability, comprehensive loss control program, and strong reputation,WCSIT has been the preferred choice of Illinois school districts for many years. With WCSIT on your side, controlling the costs for workers’ compensation coverage has never been easier.

WCSIT Board of Trustees

Loss Control Services

Loss control specialists throughout the state provide WCSIT members with various loss control services. WCSIT's loss control specialists are available to work with member districts to establish working safety committees to empower school districts to proactively manage safety concerns. Team visits by The Sandner Group Agent, loss control specialist, and claims adjuster allow member districts to analyze trends in losses, plan for policies to mitigate future losses, and determine what risks they may face in the future. The members then work with their Sandner Group agent to coordinate coverages. On-site safety inspections and one of the most comprehensive loss control manuals currently available are just two of the additional loss control services offered to members. The annual David Binotti Risk Management Award, given to a member district showing remarkable strides in its risk management efforts, demonstrates the effectiveness of these services, and provides recognition for excellence in risk management.

Professional Claims Administration

Litigation Management and Medical Cost Management are just a few of the services offered by WCSIT’s claim administrator— The Sandner Group - Claims Management. It works with members to ensure that employees are treated fairly, and return to work as soon as they are capable.


Because WCSIT gains its strength through its numbers, The Sandner Group - Alternative Risk Solutions is charged with the task of getting the word out to Illinois school districts about the great benefits of WCSIT membership. The Sandner Group - Alternative Risk Solutions has expanded the network of agents located throughout the state, to increase the availability of personnel to service members’ needs.


Illinois school districts can look to WCSIT for the most current information on workers’ compensation issues. Working with its service providers, WCSIT continuously searches for more cost effective ways to provide coverage. WCSIT provides regular informative news via its Quarterly Newsletters. WCSIT members also receive the Risk Control Bulletin from The Sandner Group - Claims Management with the latest information on safety and risk management aimed at helping school districts reduce risk.