Auto / General Liability / Property / Workers' Compensation

The Claims Portal is the straight line from the center of claim activity to your hands. The Claims Portal is designed to provide complete claim information from initial filing to reserves and payments.




Key Benefits & Capabilities:

  • Dashboard provides a visual snapshot of claims and financials.
  • Claim Filing makes claim filing and processing quick and simple.
  • Reports are a fast and easy way to review your status and trends.
  • Financials allows you to track reserves and payments.

The Claims Portal provides you with access to file claims and receive assignment information, including the claim number, adjuster name and contact numbers.

The Claims Portal empowers you. Specific features provide you with key data elements that allow you to securely hone in on injury types, causes, location risk assessments, and claim history; allowing you to proactively take necessary loss control measures. Go a step further by customizing your data for analysis with the MS Excel export.

In-house Litigation Management and Medical Cost Management are just a few of the services offered by WCSIT through its claim administrator— The Sandner Group - Claims Management. It works with members to ensure that injured employees are treated fairly and return to work as soon as possible.