Whenever there is damage to school property or injuries to visitors, no matter what the cause or extent, The Sandner Group - Claims Management (SGCM) provides fast and fair claims handling.

SGCM is an Illinois-based, third-party administrator that provides loss control and claims handling to ISDA members. When damage or injury occurs, SGCM works with the affected ISDA member to ensure the school district recovers quickly while maintaining a stable learning environment. Claims can be submitted 24/7 online, and our adjusters will keep members informed about the progress of their claims.

Following a loss, school property needs to be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. Prompt claims handling is facilitated by an accurate and expeditious appraisal showing the value of the property damaged, destroyed, or missing.

Regular appraisals and annual updates help determine the level of adequate coverage and appropriate contributions. Many member districts subscribe to the ISDA’s accurate, low-cost property appraisal service to assure appropriate property coverage at the time of a loss. Using a commercial building valuation system, our loss control staff conducts the initial appraisal and then provides annual updates and additional field work as needed.